About me

I'm currently a Pure Maths Student at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, but I also thoroughly enjoy programming, and of course, this led me to Project Euler which is an absolutely brilliant website that gives tons of beautiful mathematical and computational problems!

Why are you doing this?

To begin, websites such as https://euler.stephan-brumme.com/ and https://www.nayuki.io/ inspired me, and I thought it would be an interesting project for myself as only when you can explain something to someone else, do you truly understand it.

Stephan Brumme encapsulates beautifully why anyone would do such a project (See here) and I am doing it for the same reason. Many times before I have been stuck on a problem not knowing how to progress, or believing that I am doing everything correctly but just can't get the answer and this is the time to seek help.

At the end of the day Project Euler is a tool to increase your knowledge of mathematics and programming and if you are unable to progress after trying your best (Which you should most definitely do before seeking help), you may have gained some tenacity but you may not even know where you went wrong, or how you could improve; however, if you can be guided along the correct path you can gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and maybe next time you see a similar type problem (which may be much harder) you can now solve it and apply the knowledge you learnt. 

Of course this can only happen if you take the time to fully understand what it is another person is saying, and it is for this reason I will aim to provide detailed explanation's (but may omit steps that you can prove on your own if you're really trying and not just copying) on how I solved the problems. In addition, I want to make as many of my solutions interactive as possible as I have always found extra test cases to be very useful. 

I will explain my algorithms and of course as much mathematics as I can behind the problems as this is more my specialty, and hopefully by the time you're done reading you can understand how to solve the problem you were stuck on!

End goal?

My goal is to learn, become a better programmer and a better mathematician. The goal for this website is to become the largest source of detailed explanations for Project Euler available! 


If you wish to contact me, please email igorvanloo@gmail.com 

Otherwise, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!

If you're interested to see my other coding projects or source code for this project see my Github.

You can find most of the LaTeX I have written for this website here, although it is not a complete list.

Lastly, if you have any questions or feedback or see my Feedback Form any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Problems uploaded so far

Below you can see the breakdown by difficulty and a heat-map of all problems uploaded

Current Hardest Problem solved is: Problem 263 - 75%