Project Euler 389 - Platonic Dice

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Thought Process

Note: This problem is not suitable for hints!!!

If you're struggling with this problem have a look at the following pages:

I promise you that, somewhere, in these both pages there is a way to solve the problem. I personally did it using the 2nd link, but after seeing other peoples solution the first one is probably less work and easier to understand.

Now onto the problem.

I did a problem a long time ago relating to the Sicherman Dice and since then have been waiting for an opportunity to use the solution method mentioned in the wiki, and in the end I ended up doing the entire problem on pen and paper, not a single line of code.

First I'll briefly explain the method that the wiki shows

Now onto the problem itself.

Now lets find GI'(1)

Lastly we find GI''(1) and solve the problem

Interactive Code

No interactive code for this problem