Project Euler 68 - Magic 5-gon ring

Official link:

Thought Process

Not very proud of this code, it's a simple brute force.

Using the below diagram, I simply go through numbers 1 to 10 for a, remove that a and do the same for b and so on, at the end I check if it is a valid 5-gon ring, if it is I append it to a list and output the maximum

Interactive Code

I couldn't think of a useful interactive code so instead I will give all the 16/17 digit strings except for the answer as well as my code:

[16103104548782926, 18102107379496568, 11069627285843410, 11085864693972710, 24105101817673934, 2594936378711015, 27858434106101917, 28797161103104548, 2951051817673439, 21049436378715110, 6357528249411013]